Community Health And Development


a) Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) mean grade C- (minus)

b) Certificate Level 5 in Community Health

c) Equivalent qualifications as determined by Kenya National Qualifications Authority


d) Any other requirements as may be guided by relevant regulatory body
Program Objectives:
The main objectives of this course are to enable students:
1. Develop critical thinking and analytical skills necessary for evaluating and monitoring
community health programmes.
2. Manage Community Health Information Systems
3. Demonstrate clear understanding of community health diagnosis, and community health
4. Develop strong communication skills.
Duration: 2 Years
Career path: Community Health Assistant


Community Health & Development level 6 qualification consists of competencies that a person must achieve to enable him/her to effectively discharge community health works and contributes towards meeting health needs and requirements.

The units of competency leading to Assistant Community Health Officer level 6 qualification include the following seven basic, five common and eight core competencies:

Basic Units of Learning

Unit Code Unit Title Duration in Hours Credit factor
HE/CU/CH/BC/01/6/A Communication Skills 40 4
HE/CU/CH/BC/02/6/A Numeracy Skills 60 6
HE/CU/CH/BC/03/6/A Digital Literacy 60 6
HE/CU/CH/BC/04/6/A Entrepreneurship Education  100 10
HE/CU/CH/BC/05/6/A Employability Skills 80 8
HE/CU/CH/BC/06/6/A Environmental Literacy 40 4
HE/CU/CH/BC/07/6/A Occupational Safety and Health Practices 40 4
Total 420 42


Common Units of Learning

Unit Code Unit Title Duration in Hours Credit factor
HE/CU/CH/CC/01/6/A Monitoring and Evaluation of Community Health Programmes 120 12
HE/CU/CH/CC/02/6/A Nutrition in Community Health 100 10
HE/CU/CH/CC/03/6/A Epidemiology in Community Health Works  100 10
HE/CU/CH/CC/04/6/A Human Anatomy and Physiology 150 15
HE/CU/CH/CC/05/6/A Microbiology and Parasitology in Community Health  120 12
Total  590 59


Core Units of Learning

Unit Code Unit Title Duration in Hours Credit factor
HE/CU/CH/CR/01/6/A Management of Community Health Care 120 12
HE/CU/CH/CR/02/6/A Community Health Research  150 15
HE/CU/CH/CR/03/6/A Community Health Diagnosis and Partnerships 150 15
HE/CU/CH/CR/04/6/A Community-Based Health Care  200 20
HE/CU/CH/CR/05/6/A Management of Community Health Information Systems  150 15
HE/CU/CH/CR/06/6/A Community Health Linkages  180 18
HE/CU/CH/CR/07/6/A Coordination of Community Healthy Strategies  180 18
HE/CU/CH/CR/08/6/A Management of Gender, Disability and Vulnerable Groups 150 15
Industrial Attachment 480 48
Total 1760 176
Grand total 2770 277