Social Work & Community Development


Entry Requirements
a) Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E.) with a minimum mean grade of C-
(C minus)
b) Social work and community development Level 5 certificate with one year of continuous
work experience
c) Equivalent qualifications as determined by Kenya National Qualifications Authority


d) Any other requirements as may be guided by relevant regulatory body

Program Objectives
The main objectives of this course are to enable students:
1. Demonstrate skills in managing community resources,
2. Develop critical thinking and analytical skills necessary for community
empowerment, advocacy, awareness training and sensitization
3. Gain comprehensive understanding in crisis and disaster management,
4. Develop necessary skills for coordinating conflict resolution and rehabilitation
5. Acquire practical skills in conducting child welfare programmes, performing home-
based care and support and managing community-based groups.

Course Duration:2 Years.
Career Path: Social worker




Social work  Level 6 qualification  consists of competencies that a person must achieve to enable him/her to be certified as a Social Worker.It involves managing community resources,conducting community empowerment, coordinating community project, conducting community awareness training and sensitization, carrying out advocacy and lobbying activities, carrying out crisis and disaster management, coordinating conflict resolution and management, performing home based care and support, coordinating rehabilitation programmes, carrying out child welfare programmes, conducting case management and manage community-based groups

Social Work level 6 qualification comprises the units of learning, which include the following basic, common and core units of learning:

Basic Units of Learning


Unit Code Unit Title Duration in Hours Credit Factor
COD/CU/SW/BC/01/6/A Communication Skills 40 4
COD/CU/SW/BC/02/6/A Numeracy Skills 60 6
COD/CU/SW/BC/03/6/A Digital Literacy 60 6
COD/CU/SW/BC/04/6/A Entrepreneurial Skills 100 10
COD/CU/SW/BC/05/6/A Employability Skills 80 8
COD/CU/SW/BC/06/6/A Environmental Literacy 40 4
COD/CU/SW/BC/07/6/A Occupational Safety and Health Practices 40 4
Total 420 42


Common Units of Learning 

Unit Code Unit Title Duration in Hours Credit Factor
COD/CU/SW/CC/01/6/A Social Research Work 100 10
COD/CU/SW/CC/02/6/A Social Policy Formulation and Public Administration  80 8
COD/CU/SW/CC/03/6/A Psycho Social Support 90 9
COD/CU/SW/CC/04/6/A Resource Mobilization and Fund Raising 60 6
Total 330 33

Core Units of Learning


Unit Code Unit Title Duration in Hours Credit Factor 
COD/CU/SW/CR/01/6/A Management of Community Resources 130 13
COD/CU/SW/CR/02/6/A Community Empowerment 120 12
COD/CU/SW/CR/03/6/A Coordination 9f Community Projects 110 11
COD/CU/SW/CR/04/6/A Community Awareness Training and Sensitization  120 12
COD/CU/SW/CR/05/6/A Advocacy and Lobbying Activities 140 14
COD/CU/SW/CR/06/6/A Crisis and Disaster Management 120 12
COD/CU/SW/CR/07/6/A Conflict Resolution and Management 90 9
COD/CU/SW/CR/08/6/A Home-Based Care and Support  110 11
COD/CU/SW/CR/09/6/A Coordination of Rehabilitation Programmes  130 13
COD/CU/SW/CR/10/6/A Child Welfare Programmes 110 11
COD/CU/SW/CR/11/6/A Case Management 120 12
COD/CU/SW/CR/12/6/A Management of Community-Based Groups 120 12
COD/CU/SW/CR/13/6/A Industrial Attachment 480 48
Total 1900 190
Grand Total 2650 265

The total duration of the course is 2650 hours.